Our goal is to share the love of Christ and the knowledge of God to the four corners of the world. Whether it's domestic care, international relief, or supporting a church in a foreign country, we are active in spreading the gospel to those in need.

Currently we are partnering with missionaries around the globe and so can you! Prayer, visits, and financial support could be made to any of the following missionaries:

Joseph and Amy Totsis, Osaka Missions, Japan

Christina Cruz, Child Hope International, Haiti

Though we don't financially support the missionaries listed above, we believe in partnering alongside each of those ministries because we believe in what they are doing and have served with them on the mission field. We also want to created contact with those organizations so you can get directly involved in the work they are doing.

In our vision to spread the love of Jesus Christ, we also place a heavy emphasis on international and domestic relief for natural disasters. By partnering with other churches, we are able to expand our reach and assistance, both spiritually and financially.