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Anyone struggling with addiction will know the pain and suffering endured at the cost of addiction. Family loss, broken relationships, financial despair, chemical or alcohol dependancy will leave a ghost of the person who once was. We want to join you or your loved one down the road to recovery through the power of Jesus Christ.

Quench is not a program or a home, it's simply a group of men and women who want to change; who need change; and who need Jesus. Those who attend Quench have either been healed of their addiction and want to give back or those who are struggling to make the difference.

This weekly bible study and support group has grown large enough to meet the needs of over 100 people. Quench is not about trying to save the addict; it's about loving the needy and letting God heal the hurting.

Quench meets rain or shine and even on some holidays every Friday night at 6:30pm. We'd love to have you join us!