Marriage and Family

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Marriage Ministry

Marriage is a commitment made before the Lord and your spouse. Yet we all know at times it may be hard to find time to develop the relationship. We want to create opportunities for you to grow closer to the Lord and closer to each other!

Through a variety of studies, conferences, parties, and mixers, the marriage ministry is committed into connecting you to other couples who share your passion for God and your passion for your marriage.

Life is hard. Your marriage shouldn't be.
Therefore, what God has joined together, let no man separate (Mark 10:9).

There are a number of ongoing events and a slew of seasonal retreats, cruises, date-nights, and conferences to participate in!

Family Ministry

There are many factors separating families today. Time, finances, and commitments outside of the home make family-building difficult. But we know the family is an integral part and key component to our society and development of a child.

Our Family Ministry plans events to strengthen and unite the family unit. Through events like family camp-outs, Christmas home building, and summer barbecues, relationships are fostered with other families within the church. We know activities and events won't naturally unite the family, but through the leading of Jesus Christ, great things can happen among the fellowship of those who will pray with you, play with you, and eat with you.