09/22/21 Wednesday Evening Service

Derek Limon
Rejoice in the Lord
Philippians 3
Worship led by Frank Urzua & Andy Mendoza

09/19/21 Sunday Morning Service

Rob Hubbard
Are you an Ebed-Melech?
Jeremiah 38
Worship led by The Gutierrezes featuring Noelle Fitchett

09/15/21 Wednesday Evening Service

Abel Maldonado
Dealing With Problems
Philippians 2
Worship led by Gutierrez Brothers

09/12/21 Sunday Morning Service

David Trujillo
Be Salty Christians!
Matthew 5:13-16
Worship led by Jeff Anderson

09/08/21 Wednesday Evening Service

John Paul Jones
On Behalf of Christ: Love, Rejoice & Suffer
Philippians 1
Worship led by Tim Nienhuis

09/05/21 Sunday Morning Service

Joey Buran
The Kingdom Perspective
Matthew 6:9-13
Worship led by Chris Lizotte

09/01/21 Wednesday Evening Service

Pancho Juarez
The Overwhelming Power of the Word of God, the Gospel
Acts 19:21-41
Worship led by Jeff Anderson

08/29/21 Sunday Morning Service

Pancho JuarezĀ 
The Ark Montebello
Spiritual Deception Leads to Defection
1 John 2:18-27
Worship led by Jeff Anderson

08/25/21 Wednesday Evening Service

Pancho Juarez
The Word of the Lord Grows Mightily and It Prevails
Acts 19:8-38
Worship led by Paul Duke

08/22/21 Sunday Morning Service

Pancho Juarez
A Witness, Along the Watchtower
1 John 1 & Ezekiel 3
Worship led by Mary Ives Garcia

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